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So, you want to know more about how EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle came to be? You've come to the right place.Here is the story of how we became the leader in Functional Movement, Functional Medicine and Functional Food by focusing on the Lifestyle, rather than just Fitness, and how we became known as the place to be if you are looking for a lifestyle overhaul.  Here is our story, which stems from my story.

After helping hundreds of people get in better physical shape over my early years as a Personal Trainer in Ottawa, I realized quickly that even when a client accomplished their physical goal, it did NOT mean that they were completely fulfilled. I noticed that their depression stuck around, their confidence still lacked, there was still something missing.

I've helped many of clients lose between 50-100 lbs, go from amateur athlete to a professional athlete, I've helped cancer patients get healthy again.

When my clients ‍accomplished their goals, I noticed that one of two things always happened.  Either they reached their goal and a few months later were right back to where they started, or their results would stick, but they were not any happier when they accomplished their goal. They were never satisfied. After noticing this trend, I really began to question if I was really making a difference or if I was part of the problem.

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